Michal Taharlev Uses Pin Holes to Recreate Old Photographs

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: celesteprize & ignant.de
Using her own personal collection of family photos, artist Michal Taharlev reminisces over the fond memories those images invoke through her recreations using thousands of pin holes in canvas.

By perforating the canvas rather than applying color on top of it, the artist demonstrates the fading of old memories as we just barely hold onto them in our thoughts. The subtlety of the tiny holes in the white canvas mimics how these impressions are etched into our minds, and using this painstaking process is Taharlev's way of showing how much she deeply cares and wants to keep a semblance of the old times.

In trying to preserve the beautiful past, Michal Taharlev uses pin holes as they won't chip off or fade away over time.