The Pigeon Toe 'Optimist Tumbler' is for Positive Drinkers

On the mornings when you can hardly pull yourself out of bed, it might help to have a cup of jovial java from a mug like the Pigeon Toe 'Optimist Tumbler.'

The company that creates sweet ceramic sippers and other cute kitchenware brings you a little mug full of mirth, as expressed by its idealistic inscription. When you've downed the first part of your drink, a line labeled 'half full' is revealed and allows you to gulp on free of any pessimistic guilt. The gleeful goblets run for $48, which is a small price to pay for a hot cup of happiness!

Pour your liquid of choice into the Pigeon Toe 'Optimist Tumbler' and the beverage basin's uplifting outlook will have you looking on the bright-side in no time.