Pickled Pigs Lips And Other Edible Atrocities

 - Mar 18, 2007
References: kookychow
A couple days ago, Trend Hunter posted about Daredevil Delicacies. Here's a nice follow up.

The good people over at Kooky Chow have assembled a website full of the kookiest real food you've most likely never eaten and probably never will. It's well worth a look though, as they have much more than I've listed here for your reading pleasure. Just imagine the tasty pleasure of Pickled Pigs Lips? Or King Oscars Fishy Balls? Maybe you are more the Monkey Gland Sauce type? Live monkeys? Which glands? Sweatglands? How about Pork Brains and Eggs in a nice milk gravy? Pickled Watermelon Rind? Fried Gluten with Peanuts? and of course no meal is complete without Bloater Pate with an ingredient list like: other fish & bloater. I should open my own restaurant and call it: "Toss Your Cookies" and make it an all you can eat, atrocious food buffet.