The 'Physiological Effects of Alcohol' Comic is Acutely Accurate

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: pleated-jeans & holykaw.alltop
The 'Physiological Effects of Alcohol' comic gives a hilarious account of all the 'genius' ideas people come up with when they are inebriated, all in one handy comic.

The succinct pictorial offers humor-filled one-liners that may strike a chord of familiarity in some. Some of the captions include 'heightened belief that "This song is freaking amazing",' or 'clothes become itchy, eventually removed' or the dreaded 'floor viewed as "nice place to sleep."' As much as one may like to think of themselves as a responsible drinkers, this comic will remind you to turn your creative caps off and keep your clothes on come the next Friday night.

Hopefully these are all things you can laugh at, because if not -- well, consider taking this comic as if it were a 'What NOT To Do' guide instead.