Marc Hermann's Photos From the Daily News Show Tragedy Then and Now

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: marchermann & visualnews
Benjamin Starr looks at artist Marc Hermann who has collaborated photos from the 'Daily News' archive in order to combine crimes from the past within their present day settings. The photos reveal murders and car accidents although they are positioned within their modern day backgrounds. This makes for an interesting comparison between the old and the new.

Hermann reminds people that "people seem to have righteous indignation in the comments section of news stories when we show tragic scenes as they occur today. I often remind people that a victim in 1943 is the same as a victim in 2013." With this being said, these images show that crimes that occurred in the past are just as shocking and detrimental as the crimes that occur now.

Marc Hermann's photos from the Daily News are uncanny and eerie as they illustrate that crimes and accidents happen no matter what year it is and the outcome is always tragic.