The Photon Space Home Helps Residents Embrace Circadian Rhythms

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Photon Space is a glass residential dwelling that aims to take a highly natural approach to help residents healthily stay within the parameters of their circadian rhythms, which are built-in patterns of sleepiness and wakefulness that every person goes through over the course of their day.

The structure is designed to maximize the amount of daylight to which residents are exposed. The glass used in the structure offers extremely high insulation, allowing the building to be used year round whilst barely requiring any additional heating or cooling.

The Photon Space is actually part of a research project that aims to study the extent to which daylight exposure is positive for humans. The study will comprise 300 participants living in a glass Photon Pod -- a smaller version of the Photon Space -- for three weeks at a time.