Photographer Theo Gosselin Captures a Carefree Traveler Experience

Hitting the open road seems like a rite of passage for many youth in the summertime and photographer Theo Gosselin captures why that is the case. Full of candid images of bonfire parties, uninhibited portraits and picturesque scenery, nothing can compare to the bonding experienced while cruising in a van full of friends and potential adventures.

Since summer is officially here and school is out, photographer Theo Gosselin's growing portfolio of images will inspire many teens and young adults to get into an old car with older friends (or new ones) to make unforgettable memories. He writes, "My favorite subjects are the uninhibited young people who are my friends, photos taken from the inside, in the privacy of our travels together, our adventures, our evolution in this strange world. Love, friendships, and our appropriation of nature and the urban world. Young, free and immortal."