Photographer Lara Zankoul Turns a Room into a Secret Garden

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: larazankoul & mymodernmet
Photographer Lara Zankoul constructed a surreal installation that consists of flowers covering the entire floor.

The photo series, titled ‘A Secret Garden,’ is captured inside a blue room, and with the help of her friends, this project took weeks of planning to create. The concept struck Zankoul when she imagined a garden overtaking a blue room shortly after that she spent some time purchasing artificial flowers for the piece. The room depicts a dream-like room made to look as if it was something pulled straight from a fairytale. It is a simple idea, however the light and composition along with the colors of the flowers create an effect that is vivid and enchanting.

Of the piece, Zankoul admits "this inner garden is a philosophical representation of the blooming spirit, of well-being" which is symbolic of her growth as an artist.