This 'Benki' Phone Add-on Gives Even More Power to Smartphones

 - Jun 16, 2013
References: kickstarter & gadgetsin
The 'Benki App-Enabled Smart Kit' is a phone add-on that permits users to connect appliances to their cellphones. Smartphones already serve a myriad of purposes in our lives from serving as alarm clocks in the morning to cameras and gaming devices -- so why not add another function to these multipurpose devices. This Benki product's mission is to add even more power to cell phones, noting on its website that: "Siri should be able to turn on our rice cooker, not just give us search results about rice cookers."

This Kickstarter-backed project contains three components: the 'Socket' can be plugged into a regular outlet to set lamps on timers, 'View' is a camera that also monitors temperature and the 'Break' is a device that tells you where energy is being wasted through crevices in windows and doors.