Philippe Herard Uses Newspapers as Medium in Graffiti

 - May 28, 2012
References: flickr & juxtapoz
It’s rare to see graffiti artists use any media outside of spray paint, but Philippe Herard prefers to leave his spray cans at home when making street art. Instead, he harnesses paintbrushes and, in his latest offerings, newspapers. Seen here, Herard glues overlapping sheets of discarded periodicals onto walls to produce spherical shapes. He then paints on top of the newspapers to convey the value of his circular canvases. Herard completes the visuals by having enigmatic people abstractly interacting with the ball-like objects.

What I appreciate most about Philippe Herard’s work is that he chooses to be a street artist, but doesn’t like to follow conventions set up by his predecessors. His creations are muted and conceptual, where as other graffitists tend to be flashy and reiterate designs they’ve seen previously.