These Pheromone Business Cards Reach Out to the Ladies

 - May 23, 2014
References: adrants & adweek
Axe, a company that may as well be the poster child for bro antics, is back with a new "Pheromone Business Cards" campaign.

The campaign commercial features laboratory technicians who collect the "musk" (read: sweat) of Axe associates through via their drenched workout headbands (cue collective "ew" here). The lab techs then "distill" the bodily secretions into a "concentrated solution" which is implanted into a business card, shamelessly declaring that it's "infused with the essence of Kyle." Get a whiff of this, ladies!The idea is that the pheromones that permeate the card will make Kyle -- and his bros -- irresistible to women.

Though I'm sure the Axe demographic can definitely relate to desperately wanting to get laid, I'm not sure any of them own business cards. It's more likely that they're working up a sweat by furiously swiping right on the dating app Tinder.