'Pet Widget' is a Tag That Connects Pets and Owners to a Social Network

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: petwidget & mashable
'Pet Widget' is more than just a connected pet tag. While such a tag would be impressive on its own, Pet Widget takes connectivity with furry friends to the next level, as the small and inexpensive pet tag comes with a purpose-built social media platform for pets an owners who use it.

The primary purpose of Pet Widget, initially, was to prevent lost pets. Though most dogs and cats are equipped with microchips that make them easy to track, many owners choose not to renew the annual fee, leaving them in a fix when their pet gets lost. Further, only vets and animal shelters have microchip scanners, so another person finding the pet doesn't help much. The Pet Widget social network allows people to connect when they've lost their pets, but it also doubles as a network for nearby pet owners to meet up with one another.