The Pet Pantry Helps Struggling Pet Owners Feed Their Furry Friends

The 'Pet Pantry' is a food bank that helps struggling owners feed their furry friends. While there are a number of organizations that make sure people and their families have access to free food, there are few resources for procuring free pet supplies. This organization aims to ensure pets remain well cared for even when their owners fall on hard times.

The Pet Pantry operates similarly to that of a soup kitchen except the focus is specifically on meeting the need of domestic animals. The New Jersey-based organization supplies struggling owners with pet food, identification tags, leashes, water bowls and even toys free of charge. In order to access the service, owners must present photo ID, proof of income and proof that their pet has been spayed or neutered.

The goal of the organization is to prevent pets from ending up at the shelter or on the street when their owner is unable to afford to care for them.