The Restpoint Personal Seating Chair Makes Traveling Comfortable

 - Mar 24, 2013
References: adesignaward
Whether you're taking a vacation with your loved ones or traveling around the world for business, being stuck in stuffy airports is an uncomfortable experience for many, but thanks to Designnobis' Restpoint personal seating solution, sitting in confined and high-traffic travel areas may be getting a little bit more bearable.

Winner of the Golden A Design Award, Designnobis conceptualized this personal seating module with airport comfort specifically in mind. By using units separated by foldout tables, equipped to handle all of your wireless and digital needs, the Restpoint personal seating unit provides a pragmatic comfort all-in-one module.

Featuring a luggage compartment so you can keep your belongings safe and even a collapsible armlet for advertisements, Designnobis' personal seating solution is finally making the business of airport travel into an enjoyable experience.