Ky Gel's Personal Lubricant Ad is Deceptively Innocent

 - May 22, 2014
References: ddbargentina & adsoftheworld
The 'Police' KY Gel personal lubricant ad is deceptively innocent looking, comprised of a cartoonish scenario where rows of law enforcement are not paying any attention to a robber in the background making a getaway with bags of cash.

Instead of focusing on the criminal, the huge gathering of police officers, Canadian mounties, sheriffs and even a SWAT team are apparently in the process of dealing with a much more dire situation inside of a building.

There are only two suggestive words on the ad: "Do Trespass," but even this doesn't help much with unravelling the mystery. The biggest clue comes from one police officer who stands in front of stairs, presumably trying to tempt a couple (or whoever else is inside the house) to step outside and take a break from their adult activities with multiple boxes of pizza.