The DelivAir System Lets Drones Deliver Parcels Directly to Recipients

 - Oct 6, 2017
References: cambridgeconsultants & newatlas
Cambridge Consultants, a UK-based design and development operation, is unveiling an exceptional and groundbreaking new system for drone deliveries that is designed to make it possible for packages to be delivered right to the hands of recipients regardless of their location.

The so-called DelivAir system would allow clients to set up a delivery using a companion smartphone app. The package would then be delivered directly to the recipient, rather than to a specific street address.

By delivering packages straight to the recipient, the DelivAir system for drone deliveries stands to be of great use in the case of emergency scenarios or time-sensitive deliveries, such as for example a motorist needing a spare tire or a cross-country runner requiring a first aid tool in case of an injury.