The Obo Paris Perfume Jewelry Lets You Reapply On the Go

 - Jun 27, 2014
References: oboparis & springwise
If re-applying fragrance on the run is a concern for you, this perfume jewelry from Obo Paris is the perfect match. As many women put on their jewelry and perfume at the same time, it only makes sense to embed the two. Obo's pieces combine fragrance-holding pearls with necklaces and bracelets, allowing wearers to smell fresh at all times.

Currently an Indiegogo campaign, the French company has four perfume jewelry designs, including a bracelet in both black and white and two differently shaped pendants intended to be worn as necklaces. The pendant looks like a large jewel, but is actually a fragrant capsule that can be detached from a magnetic base to roll-on perfume when needed. The leak-proof technology also means you won't have to carry around potentially messy fragrance bottles in your purse.