Pedro Reyes Creates the Permanent Revolution Piece in Mexico City

Pedro Reyes is a Mexico-based artist who has put together a puppet show titled the Permanent Revolution. The satirical comedy features leaders from all walks of life, including Steve Jobs and Leon Trotsky.

The puppets themselves are extremely comical, with exaggerated features similar to the details one would find in a political cartoon. Steve Jobs can be found in his turtle neck and jeans, and everyone else is also dressed according to their stereotypical wardrobes. The piece is meant to be memorable, and "the plot includes political intrigue, romance, philosophy, conceptual art, debauchery, technology, espionage, explosions and guaranteed entertainment for the whole family," as stated on DesignBoom.

Pedro Reyes hopes that visitors will walk away thinking about the subject matter, and how it effects their own lives. Photo Credits: designboom,