Pedro Lourenco Remixes Iconic Imagery for Powerful Cartoons

 - Nov 27, 2011
References: pedrolourenco.tumblr & cultriot
You won’t often find Darth Vader skateboarding in tube socks (unless you’re in the right neighborhood), or a tiger-headed tattooed lady at the beach, but with Pedro Lourenco’s artwork, these characters and many other pop culture remixes are exactly what you’ll get.

The Portugal-based illustrator creates funny and bizarre image mashups, which, if you look beyond the surface, also hold social commentary. Of all the remixed drawings, my favorite is Pedro’s take on the 'cat’s cradle' game, with the head of a kitten at the center. Lucky for me, a soon-to-be cat lady, Pedro includes cat references in a lot of his work, as well as fiercer characters, like a t-rex pushing a shopping cart.

With the abundance of pop culture commentators and cartoonists on the web, it’s often difficult to differentiate between them all, but Pedro Lourenco’s signature style is definitely something that can’t be missed.