The PBTeen ‘Toxic’ + ‘Dirty’ Laundry Backp

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: pbteen
You’ll have fair warning of what you’re handling when you use the PBTeen ‘Toxic’ + ‘Dirty’ Laundry Backpacks. These humorous laundry carriers will have you dealing with your disgustingly grungy gear in comedic fashion. These sturdy packs are meant to hold your laundry, and most importantly to forewarn people of their content’s sense-offending potential.

These 100 percent polyester backpacks are easy to secure to your back, have a front zipper pocket for storing fabric softeners and soaps and offer comedic relief to laundry day -- a day that often induces nausea and upset stomachs. These bags allow one to choose the warning sign to alert people to the potential stench of their unwashed laundry. They can choose from either the ‘toxic’ or the ‘dirty’ labeling unless they need both, which boasts a high probability. At $45 you can now warn people of the dangers of your laundry and it might just keep mom out of your room, once and for all.