American Psycho's Patrick Bateman Costume is Chic for Halloween

 - Oct 28, 2012
References: highsnobiety
The in the chic lights of New York City, a tall brooding male figure looms among the shadows of Wall Street; American Psycho's Patrick Bateman costume is a sure way to solidify your high-end social status. If even for the night, you can impersonate the famed Financial District psychopath with this simple DIY costume tutorial. From purchasing a ZZenga blazer to a Brooks Brother button down, the costume even allows for a AK-47 rifle (if your funds find this splurge item applicable). Dressing fabulous in Rolex watches may seem like a simple endeavor but executing Patrick Bateman's personality might be the hardest triumph of all.

If finding these designer pieces is too hard, simply put on a suit and clear poncho covered in fake blood with an axe in tow and remember to speak highly of the letter size of your business card. Simple way to embody the Patrick Bateman costume.