The #GTFO Travel Document Billfold Encourages a Sassy Attitude

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: shop.coolmaterial & coolmaterial
The GTFO saying is the inspiration behind this stylish passport wallet by Cool Material that offers a chic, compact and convenient place to stash your travel documents for trips. The design capitalizes on the phrase Get the F*uck Out that might be get-up-and-go inspiration behind the travel plans of many.

Travelling is hobby of many and can be one of those activities that is planned pretty spontaneously on the notion that one might just be looking for a way out of a busy schedule, tight deadlines and stressful projects. This billfold captures this hip desire with a dark leather design complete with the hashtag #GTFO etched in gold lettering right on the front. This way travellers can always be reminded of the reason they are jetting aboard if ever in doubt.