'Pass It On For Good' Wipes Your Computer and Helps You Donate It

 - Apr 15, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
'Pass It On For Good' is making it easier than ever before to recycle and donate old computers. The USB stick comes loaded with software that wipes your entire computer. The concept was created by the University of New Hampshire's Research Computing Center and its offshoot company Obliterase.

The flash drive starts by assessing whether or not your computer should be donated or recycled; the program uses a standard set by The World Computer Exchange, which is Pass It On For Good's donation partner. If your computer can be reused then your files will be deleted and educational software will be installed. If it can't be reused then your files will still be deleted. After your files are gone, you'll receive instructions on what to do with your computer.

Each card lets users wipe a certain number of computers and the program keeps track of how many computers you've donated and recycled, using graphs to show you the positive impact you're having on the world.