The Parking Guide Concept Saves Time and Sanity for Drivers

 - Feb 7, 2012
The Parking Guide concept is so simple and yet so ingenious. This system should be put to use in parking garages everywhere! Winning a 2011 Red Dot Award, this clever proposal makes finding a space to leave your vehicle easy and even aids you on your journey back to collect your car.

When you come through the gate at the lot's entrance, you would be issued, as usual, a time-printed card from the machine. However, it would be issued from no ordinary parking pass dispenser, for Huang Shao-Heng, Shih Chang-Chi and Wang Shou-Yu's idea incorporates communication with space-monitoring technology, assigning each entrant a specific spot to pull up his automobile. A floor plan of the entire garage on the Parking Guide helps you locate your marked space, also assisting you to find your car once you're ready to return home.