The Troggball Puts a Modern Spin on Old Fashioned Paper Football

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Children are overstimulated when it comes to entertainment thanks to smartphones and immersive video games, but the Troggball is an example of how even an old-fashioned game of paper football can still be as appealing as ever. The Troggball is essentially a piece of ABS plastic that has spring-like edges to provide maximum feedback when played with, rather than just acting as a miniature football.

A variety of material options are available for the Troggball including plastic or wood. The consumer process of demanding more complex forms of entertainment is being satiated faster than ever in the modern market, however, it's important to note how consumers are reverting back to preferring low-tech options like the Troggball to play simple games like paper football.