The 'Papa Don't Leave' Infograph Explores Fathers' Roles Worldwide

The 'Papa Don't Leave' infograph by Column Five explores comparative statistics about attitudes and rules about fatherly parental leave around the world.

Extremely detailed and creating a basis for an interesting conversation in regards to parental rights in general, this chart is a politically interesting run-through. Though it does cover a wide scope of dad-focused stats, the infograph is largely concerned with the US, and details a state-based run-through of the state of paternity leave across the country. Leaders in the global scale of paid paternity leave rights include Sweden, Germany and Canada. Clearly trying to make a statement, the chart clearly points out that the Unites States does not require employers to offer any paid paternity leave of any kind.

Politically charged but comprehensive, this chart highlights differentiations in regards to paternity leave with a straight-up and slightly alarming approach.