Satirical Pantene Promo Pushes Jimmy-Lubricating Shampoo

 - Aug 20, 2009
References: theonion
The Onion has put together a satirical marketing campaign which rebrands Pantene Pro-V shampoo as not only the leading shampoo for women with dry, brittle hair, but also an ideal choice for gals who enjoy manually pleasuring their man in the shower. Win/Win!

The faux billboard and print and television ad campaign touts the benefits of the shampoo’s advanced hair-strengthening and penis-lubricating capabilities.

Pantene is promoted as providing a frictionless hand job, with its hypoallergenic formula being gentle on his delicate genital skin.

This point is driven home hard with the suggestion that choosing Pantene Pro-V will prevent the penile swelling and itching that can be caused by the heavy botanicals in the likes of Herbal Essences, or the nasty burning sensation of medicated dandruff shampoos such as Head & Shoulders.

I wonder how many people will be prompted to switch shampoo brands to test the theory?