This Rotating Smartphone Device Enables High-End Photography

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: ideaconnection
Thinner than a deck of cards and designed to work with a variety of iPhones, iPods and many other smartphones, the Spinpod is revolutionizing the concept of the panoramic photo for people everywhere. Now, you can produce much clearer pictures that you wouldn't be able to produce normally.

All you have to do is lock your Smartphone in the device and the Spinpod is turned on. From there, it will take photographs, or videos, all on its own, capturing things you probably would have missed and allowing you to go back and review later.

Forget learning complicated photography jargon. What was once a style reserved for high-end photographers can now be in the palm of your hand. Swipe across the device to choose the direction of rotation, much like you would use a mouse on your laptop or Smartphone.