Menstrual Art

 - Nov 13, 2008
References: community.livejournal
In keeping with this week's obsession, how fitting to write an article about human blood, the only kind vampires covet, used for art? Although vampires tend to go with blood from the neck, this is menstrual art.

Most women hate their periods, unless they’re worried about being pregnant and actually look forward to a visit from Auntie Flo, but others either hate or love it, to the point of creating menstrual art with their own period blood.

The artist captures her blood using a menstrual cup, or moon cup. To help seal-in the color, the blood is mixed with acrylic or another substance.

Painting with menstrual blood is a form of self-expression and is often considered taboo -- and that is one reason people choose to embrace menstrual art. It’s a way of saying, "This is my body. This is my right. Menstruation is natural and it's okay to capture it in art form."

Depending on the artist, you may find menstrual art that expresses a love for fertility, or sadness due to lack thereof, comedic relief, or even disdain for their unwelcome once a month visitor.

The gems of menstrual art in the gallery, from polished to amateur, were found in Live Journal’s Blood Art Forum. Therefore, user names will be used for the photo credits in the order of photos shown.

1) Queen Nzinga
2) Blutee
3) Freespirit Me
4) Pink Porcupette
5,6) Rivermilk
7,8) Browneyedlayne