Crazy Supersized Baubles by Elizaveta

The trend for fall 2008 in jewelry fashion is all about over-sized necklaces, but this is just extreme. Elizaveta takes just about anything to fashion into jewelry, from sunglasses and faux flower posies to souvenir plates and laminated watch pictures. Toronto-based Elizaveta, the creator of these ‘Supersized’ baubles sells her wares on Etsy. The cool chain and sunglasses necklace sells for $140 and the wild watch piece is available for $74.50.

As my favorite fashion royalty figure ‘Queen Michelle’ notes, "Admittedly it would be pretty tricky to work these into an everyday outfit, but for nights out they would be so much fun to wear, providing you don’t indulge in 'jumping on trampolines, getting into pillow fights, hot tub soirees or any other vigorous activity', because if you do you’ll most likely end up doing yourself a mischief."