The Ouija Board Coffee Table and Carpet Makes Your Space Creepy

 - Nov 1, 2013
References: davesgeekyideas & technabob
Geeky conceptual designer Dave Delisle has created the Ouija Board Coffee Table and Carpet just in time for Halloween. Delisle's design is quite simplistic and ingenious. It consists of a coffee table designed to be the planchette (indicator), with the carpet functioning as the board itself. The coffee table features a circular eye that lets you communicate with the spirits while lounging around.

As awesome as the Ouija Board Coffee Table and Carpet are, the concept is, sadly, just a concept. Delisle has designed a ton of awesome and geeky items never meant to see reality, so here's hoping an enterprising designer seizes upon this idea. What better way to communicate with the dead than from the comfort of your own living room?