Ostrich by Kawamura Ganjavian is an Oasis for the Sleep Deprived

 - May 25, 2011
References: studio-kg & core77
Ostrich by Kawamura Ganjavian is a unique creation that was designed for the working man or woman who consistently burns away at both ends of the candle. The design enables a person to grab some quick shut eye without being disturbed by light or a lack of comfort.

Ostrich by Kawamura Ganjavian is a combination of a pillow and filter of external stimuli. When everyone is chomping away on their ham and cheese sandwiches and you need a little nap at the office, you will know where to turn.

The designer refers to the Ostrich as a mirco-environment as a result of its ability to effectively block out light and noise. This is a novel to solution to a common problem.