Batman's Unacknowledgement Causes Outrage Over Oscar Nominations

 - Jan 23, 2009
References: oscar & thestar
The 81st Annual Academy Awards are set up for disaster. Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, and shockingly, The Dark Knight was not even close to being rightfully acknowledged. After buzz that Heath Ledger would get posthumous recognition for his stellar role as the Joker in the Batman flick (can I remind you it was the No. 2 movie of ALL TIME?), neither he nor director Christopher Nolan were announced as Oscar nominees. Heath Ledger was nominated for Best Supporting actor, but had he not passed away, would The Dark Knight have been ignored completely? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, on the other end of the spectrum, was bestowed 13 Oscar nominations.

Like Windows Vista, The Oscar nominations prove the Academy Awards are bloated, they’re not booting up properly, they’re not running the programs people want, they’re not relevant, and just like Vista, the Oscar nominations aren’t acknowledging what everyone’s interested in seeing… and we all know what happening to Vista.

So, who will be the Mac of the celebrity awards world?