'OpenReflex' is a 3D-Printed SLR Camera

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: instructables & gadgetsin
Instructables user 'Bozardeux' created instructions on how to create the 'OpenReflex' 3D-printed camera. The camera's components can be printed on an ABS 3D-printer in less than 15 hours and assembled in about an hour.

Assembly of the OpenReflex requires simple tools like a glass cutter, screwdriver and an Allen key and a few other parts that are easy enough to pick up at a hardware store.

This DIY approach to photography could enable photographers to completely customize their cameras and continually build onto them to create new attachments as the need arises. Bozardeux encourages anyone to download the design, improve upon it and share again. This open-source design is an incredible way for crafty individuals to completely build their own camera from scratch. And for new photographers, assembling the 'OpenReflex' is a great way to learn how cameras work.