This Online Calculator Tells Measures Houses in Rubik's Cubes

 - Apr 28, 2013
References: gizmodo & laughingsquid
If you've ever wondered how many Rubik's cubes it would take to build a house (who hasn't?), this online calculator has the answer for you.

Created by real estate company Movoto, this fun little online calculator has users inputting the square footage and number of levels in your home. With that information, the online calculator will then tell you how many Rubik's cubes it would take the put your house together. According to Movoto, it apparently takes around 460,000 Rubik's Cubes to built the average two storey 2,220 square foot home. It would apparently also take the world’s fastest Rubik’s cube solver 29 days, four hours, five minutes, and 25 seconds to solve that many cubes to build the home.

I think it would be really frustrating to live in a house made out of Rubik's cubes, considering that even solving one side of the infernal puzzle cubes is a huge challenge for me.