- Jan 21, 2008
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Have you ever lost a mitten? If not, then surely you've seen that abandoned glove on the side of the road, crusting in ice or covered in dirt. Next time, consider picking it up, bringing it home and snapping a photo. That simple deed could land you a message in your inbox hailing you a hero. Image the joy when you read that email informing you that you've discovered another glove's soul mate.

OneColdHand is a website dedicated to helping reunite all those misfortuned gloves and mittens that have been lost.

" is a project that connects the Pittsburgh community through one unfortunate event - the loss of a glove," the site explains. "The website creates a method for dealing with the conundrum of finding these lost articles."

There's no denying they go missing all the time. You dig through your purse and whip out the keys, and don't notice that one of your gloves went hurtling out as you did so. Your son flings it off to pick his nose as you push him down the street on his stroller. You take your gloves off to fill up your gas tank on a chilly winter day, and although you meant to grab both off the back bumper, one managed to fall under the car.

Along with a photo, the site features a brief description of the glove, the finder's name (or not, if they choose to remain anonymous) and the location at which the glove was found (ie. "Forbes and Craig, placed on the ledge of Starbucks.")

They can be mailed to
one cold hand
5032 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

Or alternatively brought to several drop off locations which are listed on