The Omni-Guard Airbag Suit Acts as Padding to Protect Fallen Workers

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: tuvie
When the adequacy of scaffolding safety precautions falls short, concepts like the Omni-Guard Airbag Suit show great potential for lowering the risk of injury, should laborers have accidents on construction sites. Should the worst case scenario transpire, this inflatable parachute-like outfit provides ample cushioning to the victim's body so that any wounds inflicted on impact would be comparatively minor.

Seah Tat Leong collaborated with a group of five others to conceive this billowing bolstered garment. It can be worn comfortably over the worker's jumpsuit and it would supposedly not interfere with his range of motion to accomplish his tasks. But the moment that the Omni-Guard Airbag Suit detects rapid acceleration, the device initiates inflation to surround the head, the neck, the pelvis and the torso for a relatively padded landing after a terrible tumble.