Omega Hydroponic Garden Lets You Grow Anywhere

 - Sep 21, 2009
References: omegagarden & treehugger
For a long time hydroponics were the last bastion of hippies who were interested in growing their own food throughout the colder seasons and hippies who, ah, were interested in growing other greens (wink wink, nudge nudge). Now the Omega Hydroponic Garden brings hydroponic gardening to the main stream.

The Omega Hydroponic Garden is a massive, rotating, suspended garden that, according to "it yields three to five times the weight of plant per watt of electricity used, compared to conventional flat systems. Their commercial carousel system produces as much as a 1500 square foot greenhouse in only 150 square feet, and their LED system just sips electricity." This is perhaps the perfect solution for the post-apocalyptic, Mad Max world we are surely to find ourselves in.

Check out the gallery for some pictures of the crazy contraption that is the Omega Hydroponic Garden.