This 'Olympic Divers On The Toilet' Series is a Rib-Tickler

 - May 9, 2013
References: thefw & lolsnaps
If you laugh at bathroom jokes, this 'Olympic Divers on the Toilet' series will have you rolling on the floor. For those of you who think this blog is immature and gross, it's actually quite witty and creative.

If you have ever seen the look on a divers face while executing a dive, they are quite amusing and utterly bizarre. Their expressions cover a whole spectrum of emotion from rage to confusion. Taking these highly expression divers and transplanting them on a toilet seat gives the impression that these Olympic athletes are in the midst of doing their business.

These divers look like they should have skipped that second helping of beans or avoided that fully loaded burrito. From the looks of these photographs, they are now paying the price.