The Olive One Puts All Your Digital Media in One Location for Easy Access

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: indiegogo & uncrate
Keeping all your music organized and easily accessible can be a chore, but the Olive One looks to help put all your digital tunes in one place.

The easy-to-use Olive One can be connected to local Wi-Fi networks and set to quickly access the media files you have stored on you computer(s) for seamless playing abilities. The device connects to your home entertainment system to watch or listen to media whenever you'd like without the need to search tirelessly on external drives and separate computers. What's more, the Olive One increases the ability for people living in the same space to share their favorite files with ease, connect to the device and select whatever you want. When a friend comes over with a must-see video, the Olive One allows for wireless connectivity with built-in Bluetooth capabilities as well as an optional 1TB internal storage drive.