The Famicom Robot is Made up of Old School Gaming Devices

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: tinycartridge & technabob
People just don’t want to part with their old gaming systems no matter what. Famicom enthusiast Ninagawa Izumi has created a remote-controlled robot with an old Famicom controller. Izumi demonstrates how the robot has a variety of articulated movements that it is able to execute. Izumi also illustrates what tools were used in creating the Famicom-born robot such as several gaming devices and a Wii controller.

This pint-sized robot is able to walk, run, lift and do several spinning motions. Robots have become a large part of Japanese culture, so the idea of a fully articulated robot is nothing new, but making a robot consisting of obsolete gaming technology is a true testament to Japanese ingenuity.