The Oi Bowl Enables Single-Handed Scooping to Make the Most of Each Serving

 - Dec 5, 2013
When it comes down to those last few bites of your meal, it can be really tricky to get a good heaping spoonful without the help of another piece of cutlery in the other hand. The Oi Bowl has been designed so that you can chow down with one set of fingers free -- an idea that caters to multitaskers and those with the use of one arm.

Duane Lye Dun Wei's innovative dish is a reworked version of a deep plate that's quite sculptural in form. On one side of the inside, the material curls up and back in, allowing you to scoop your fork or your chopsticks against it to pack your rice on top. The Oil Bowl is counterbalanced with a weight that's embedded in the base.