Sleep Like a Bird with This Design by O*GE CreativeGroup

 - May 14, 2012
References: oge-group & projectcan
The Giant Bird’s Nest by O*GE CreativeGroup brings wilderness into your abode with this bed that’s shaped like a bird's nest. This concept-designed bedding is not only a cozy place to rest your head in at night, but also makes for a creative play space for the young ones.

To create the nest appearance, a circular bed is used that’s surrounded by pieces of thin brown cardboard. By filling the bed with small round white pillows, it creates the effect of bird eggs. These wilderness-inspired beds come in three different sizes, the largest measuring 4.5 meters in diameter. It is said that the largest model can hold up to 16 kids.

The Giant Bird’s Nest by O*GE CreativeGroup is a great idea that can be incorporated into your child’s bedroom, and would also make for a great piece in a classroom.