This App Ensures That Every Office Meeting is a Productive One

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: amazemeet & psfk
'Amazemeet' is a productivity app that ensures every office meeting is a successful one. In most workplaces, employees are subject to unproductive work meetings. This app is designed to prevent wasteful meetings and help employees use their time for more pressing matters.

Amazemeet is a cloud-based application that helps employers plan meetings. The app takes cues from the 'Meetings Facilitator Canvas,' which is a six-step table that outlines the timing of each meeting. The tool analyzes the purpose of each meeting and suggests ways to make the time more productive. The app ultimately ensures that no office meeting is a waste of employee time.

The app is primrily targeted at large and medium organizations that often hold numerous meetings in order to keep track of ongoing projects. The tool is designed to help these companies make sense of out each meeting in order to fuel future success.