Of Instruments and Archetypes Sends Real-Time Measurements to 3D Models

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: unfold.be & psfk
Of Instruments and Archetypes is a project that uses wireless tools to sent digital information to devices in real time. The measuring tools consist of a protractor, measuring tape and calliper. They can send the physical measurements to a digital 3D model viewable on a tablet or other device. The model begins as a simple design file, which is altered automatically as you continue to take measurements.

From Belgium-based UNFOLD Design Studio, the Of Instruments and Archetypes collection was developed in collaboration with Dutch design and research lab Kirschner3D as well as British designer Penny Webb. Last month it was part of the Keyshapes exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2014 with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL.

In looks, the collection is minimalist and traditional.