The Odyssee Desalinator Uses the Ocean's Power to Cleanse the Ocean

 - Dec 18, 2014
References: projetodyssee & gizmag
The Odyssee is a desalinator, developed by Quebec, Canada-based mechanical engineer Dragan Tutic, that is powered by the ocean's own waves. While wave power has previously been used to generate electricity, it hasn't really been exploited to convert salty seawater into fresh drinking water. This is where the Odyssee comes in; the machine has shown enough promise that it could eventually be deployed in areas where water scarcity is a serious problem.

The Odyssee features a hydraulic cylindrical pump attached to a buoy. As waves move the buoy up and down, it kicks the pump into action, driving oil through a motor. A water pump connected to the motor combines with a reverse osmosis system to separate water molecules from salt, bacteria and other unwanted particles.

The Odyssee is essentially an all-in-one system that combines power plant and desalination plant, and could be a game-changer in the realm of desalination.