The Objectify Vase Series Features Some Utterly Creative Openings

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: isabellgatzen & mocoloco
Vases make wonderful decorative items, thanks to their elegant forms, their textures, their patterns and their colors. The Objectify Vase collection, however, attracts attention to a different feature. The vessel's opening, which is often sculpted symmetrically and geometrically, is reconsidered in a number of idiosyncratic ways.

The creativity of Isabell Gatzen has produced flower stem slits, slots and holes that mimic bird feeders, arteries, salt dispensers, microphones, melted candles and craters. The foundation for each of these items is a loosely cylindrical form with soft rounded ends. The Objectify Vase series is kept smooth in surface and pale in color, serving to better highlight the extraordinary details of the peculiar pieces. They bring character to contemporary spaces with references to nature, landscapes, anatomy and all sorts of unexpected items.