Obi is a Collection of Quirky Furnishings with Playful Flexibility

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: davideanzalone & archidesignclub
If you break down Obi by Davide Anzalone, what you get is a pair of four-sided wooden boxes and two stool-like objects of different heights. However, based on this simple modular collection, the designer has created a charming colony of shelving units that can be outfitted with a variety of storage accessories.

The shorter stool fits within the squat cube to establish a single shelf in the center between the upper and lower ledges. The taller four-legged surface nestles in the base of the elongated frame to form a small cubby and an additional sill. Above this, a set of drawers might be installed, or a structure of supplemental shelving.

Obi by Davide Anzalone was designed in collaboration with Tommaso Bistacchi and produced to take on an endearing compositional awkwardness with a whimsical splash of color.