The Oatmeal Spot Clear Ad Campaign Shows What People See When They Have a Zit

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
The Oatmeal Spot Clear ad campaign is at once scary and adorable. Well, scary may not be the right word, at least depending on one's age and experience. In this case, the print ads are clearly targeting a younger audience through storybook-like illustrations and adolescent protagonists. Not to mention that their extreme viewpoint is only something a tormented teen would see.

Conceived and executed by Canvas, an ad agency based in South Africa, the Oatmeal Spot Clear ad campaign might focus on the problem, but it promotes a solution. Its tag line reads, "We know how one little spot can make you feel." While the disclosure below assures viewers, "So, never fear. Oatmeal Spot Clear will have you feeling human in no time." How could a person doubt it?