NotKnot Pillows are Oversized and Inspired by Scout Knots

 - May 16, 2014
References: umemi & likecool
Ragnheiour Ösp, the designer behind the Notknot pillows by Umemi, created plush home decor in the likes of traditional Scout knotting. She had been fascinated by all the different knots that Scouts could create and each one's different purpose. She wanted to make her pillows in the same way.

After researching and studying various nautical, decorative and Scout knots, she decided to apply the various forms to her pillow making. By playing with knot sizes she easily came up with numerous pillow designs that boast unique looks, textures and purposes.

The Notknots makes for strong and durable pillows that still hold aesthetic appeal. And though they are tightly knotted, the pillows still boast softness and comfort.